Your Opinion On This ‘Circle’ Might Reveal Your Political Stance

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4:41 pm 10 Dec, 2015


Let us take a quick Test…

If your answer is Yes…

According to a new study that was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, you are more likely to be of liberal political views and would most probably be inclined to help other human beings.


The study says, that you are likely to support the idea of government aid strongly, and would agree with majority of government’s plans to help the homeless and unemployed people in the society.

You along with others who said Yes, are also likely to endorse the idea of helping those who need it, and would be more accepting towards things like same-sex marriage.

If your answer is No….

As per the study, you are more likely to be of non-liberal political views and outlook and are also likely to be more inclined towards supporting the military and the rights that support business owners.


The study further adds that you would most likely see a strong military force in your country as an important priority for the government.

According to researchers in the study, you along with others who said ‘No,’ are also less likely to see things like illegal immigrants as an important issue. Further, you would not be much worried about smaller issues such as drug peddlers or prostitution.


The most important aspect that this study revealed was that the people who are able to accept the above as a circle even though it is not a perfect one, are likely to be more tolerant towards deviant or marginalised groups in the society and would go out of their way to actively help them out.