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Always Wonder What Does Your Dream Mean? Decode Your Dreams With Us

Updated on 9 September, 2019 at 2:17 pm By

“ They say dreams are the windows of the soul–take a peek and you can see the inner workings, the nuts and bolts.” Henry Bromell


Dreams are written in a language that our brain uses to subconsciously communicate with us. What we think we dream is what we remember from a dream, or in other words what we subconsciously choose to remember. While most of us shrug it off as something that simply isn’t true, dreams may just be trying to tell us something about us. I personally do not believe dreams are supposed to predict the future or warn you about something cause that’s just plain BS. Here are a few popular dream sequences and their plausible meanings. These may not be the most recurring but these are the ones most remembered post waking up.

1. Free fall

This is by far the most common type of dream that people tend to have, where one is falling from a height, or into an abyss feeling weightless and a sense of loss of balance. In the dream you may have been pushed, you may have tripped or simply fall off while watching someone you know fade away.

Meaning: This dream represent a loss of control, or a fear of loss of control. People who dream this often are generally of the opinion that they may lose what they have like a job, a relationship, failure in an exam. These people are likely lacking confidence and may feel they do not deserve what they have in hand and hence the fear of losing it.

Remedy: Meditate before sleeping and have lots of sex.

Artificial reconstruction: Ask someone to push you off the bed while in deep sleep.

Class: Nightmare, Recurring





2. The chase

This is a dream where you are either being chased or are running away from something. Usually it’s hard to tell between the two. If the chaser can be seen then it’s a more direct reference to a situation in your life. Not to be confused with you chasing something in a dream.

Meaning: This dream is a manifestation of ones fear to confront a person or situation. This can be a pushy boss or dominating girlfriend, an extra marital affair or even an office meeting. It’s important to note whether you can see the chaser or not and what distance he/she/it is when you are running away. If you see yourself hiding every once in a while during the chase, it shows that you are consciously avoiding your real world problems, and if it shows that the chaser is just a hairs breadth away from you then you know the problem is someone very close like you domineering wife or girlfriend.

Remedy: Keep a pet dog, work out

Artificial reconstruction: Watch Blair Witch Project then a week later ask friend to play it while in deep sleep.

Class: Nightmare


3. The falling teeth

This dream makes you feel like your teeth are falling cracking apart and falling off from your mouth.

Meaning: This dream is associated with the insecurities of a person in terms of his/her looks. Thus it is more common amongst women than men. It is representative of someone whose mind is full of anxiety and apprehension of being judged by others for their looks or physical appearance.

Remedy: Use best quality toothpaste, avoid blowjobs

Artificial reconstruction: Keep beetlenut inside your mouth, if you can bear the stench ask friend to punch you in the face while in deep sleep. (not personally tried, please take necessary precautions)

Class: Nightmare, Precognitive


4. Exams

This can be in the form of an exam happening in the dream, missing an exam, not being able to finish an exam or simply arriving at the exam when it’s about to end.

Meaning: There may be two broad interpretation of this dream. Just an exam happening or even struggling in an exam reflects that you are in a self-evaluating phase of your life where you are trying to relook at your personality and your priorities in life. The second interpretation is for the not being able to finish the exam, which represents your anxiety of not being able to meet a project deadline or a fear of failing in a task at hand due to lack of resources, not ability.

Remedy: Always carry something weird like a tampon (if you are a boy) or a condom (if you are a girl) to your examination hall in real life.

Artificial reconstruction: Tell your mom you have an exam tomorrow, and you want advise.

Class: Nightmare, Lucid, Factual, Recurring


5. Snake

Snakes are often seen in dreams either in the full view or as background images. It may be a snake is chasing you, has bitten you, is slithering on the ground beneath you or swimming in your backyard pool.

Meaning: Snakes seen in a dream are actual representation of your subconscious self, meaning the snake itself is you or a part of you. It represents a repressed side of you. It may be a sexual temptation, or a forbidden sexuality or a hidden desire to do something that your conscious mind deems malafide. Snakes shedding skin may represent a hidden desire to let go of something or someone or some sort of transformation.

Remedy: Bathe once in water where live Cuttlefish has been kept overnight.

Artificial reconstruction: Listening to the Snake Charmers Pungi

Class: Nightmare, Precognitive


6. Paralysis

This phenomenon literally occurs in between the REM and waking stages of sleep. Dreamers experience a kind of numbing effect where he or she is unable to move or react to something that’s happening in their dream. For instance you are being chased but you are unable to run or you are chained to something in your dream and unable to break free.

Meaning: This may be a projection of the fact that the dreamer subconsciously feels a lack of control over his or her own life. Alternatively it may also infer that the dreamer feels tied down by some decision, person or habit in their lives.

Remedy: Drink coconut water before sleeping

Artificial reconstruction: Drink three quarter of a bottle of Corex or Benadryl early morning when wide awake on a relatively empty stomach before going back to bed. Pair it with a joint or two to go to level 2 sleep paralysis (Shit you not this works, dosage of sedative may vary from person to person)

Class: Nightmare, Recurring


7. Own death

In this type of dream, the dreamer usually sees his own dead body in third person or first person like an awake dead body. Dreamer may see his or her own funeral with people mourning around. He or she may also experience going to heaven or hell.

Meaning: This dream may signify the symbolic culmination of an event, relationship or a certain phase of someone’s life. It may also indicate killing of emotions or anxiety relating to the self— the minds own way of making peace with itself.

Remedy: Try to enjoy this dream. If you see your own funeral, try and remember who all were actually crying and who were not. It will probably be true in real life.

Artificial reconstruction: This dream cannot be reconstructed, but you could ask your friend to kill you in your sleep.

Class: Precognitive


8. Public nudity

In this dream the dreamer usually sees himself or herself naked in a crowd or in front of familiar people. The dream itself can be both a nightmare or a pleasant experience depending upon how comfortable you felt being nude.

Meaning: As mentioned above the dream can have two meanings. If you were very comfortable being nude in public it signifies that your subconscious is full of confidence and you are in control of your actions. In contrast if you saw people laughing at you or looking down upon you, then it represents your insecure about your self-image due to someone or some event in your life.

Remedy: Hit the gym more often, dirty talk, wild and kinky sex, these are natural confidence boosters.

Class: Nightmare, Precognitive


9. Car issues

This is a common dream amongst the young and old and even amongst people who do not drive. Dream usually begins inside a car which is driving smoothly but suddenly spirals out of control. A second version feels like you are in a hurry to go somewhere but your car won’t start. Others have reported watching themselves die in a car, crashing the car or even driving off a cliff.

Meaning: Cars are symbol of your attainments or your public image, dignity etc. A broken down car, implies your subconscious fears an imminent depletion of your public stature. A car that crashes may symbolize relationship turbulence or work related, fear of being fired.

Remedy: Have a glass of baking soda every night for seven night before sleeping.

Artificial reconstruction: Listen to Highway Star under the influence of Speed!

Class: Nightmare, Recurring


10. Missing a train or bus

In this dream sequence you can see yourself miss a train or a bus or plane etc. A variation of this dream is coming late to an exam or a performance, however has a different interpretation. Also often you have a feeling that you missed the train/plane by just a second.

Meaning: This dream refers to the subconscious belief that you have just lost an opportunity or a chance to do something.

Remedy: This really does not need a remedy but if its recurring then I suggest you take confidence classes or start drinking with Punjabis.

Artificial reconstruction: Record the accouchements of a train station or airport and play it in deep sleep, there is a good chance you will see yourself miss a plane.

Class: Nightmare, Precognitive





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