A Sweet Reminder To Remind You What You Deserve – And What You Don’t

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1:03 am 23 Feb, 2016

What is the difference between those who are following their dreams and those who are eyeing them with regretful eyes?

It’s this; an acknowledgement of what they deserve. 

The truth is, we all deserve the best of everything – of course, provided our karma score is not screwed up that bad.

But why do some of us reach that crest of potential, while others continue ploughing their defeated lives on the by-lanes? Its because they lack the belief that they deserve a sweet, good life. Good things don’t just happen, they need to be made to happen. And this you can’t do till you are aware of what you are capable of and what you really deserve.

Here’s a sweet reminder for you in case you’ve forgotten. 

Do you know what you deserve?

You don’t deserve to be a prisoner caged inside the walls of helplessness. You deserve to fly.

You don’t deserve to be ignored in bright lights. You are the light.

You don’t deserve to be walked on like you are no one. You are the one.

You don’t deserve to be disappointed again and again. You deserve to be sent sweet notes every morning.

You don’t deserve to wait for someone who never turns up. You deserve someone who never leaves.

You don’t deserve to feel bitter. You are the peach filled with sweetest juice.

You don’t deserve to ask for a gift. You deserve a pleasant surprise like nothing else.

You don’t deserve be lost in the forests. You deserve to be found.

You don’t deserve to fade amongst the stones. You deserve to shine like the diamond you are.

You don’t deserve to be called names. You deserve to be named in 100 beautiful ways.

You don’t deserve a compromise. You deserve an understanding.

You don’t deserve to play the cheat game. You deserve to be listened.

You don’t deserve to be lied to. You deserve to be talked to.

You don’t deserve to be called weird. You deserve to be danced along with.

You don’t deserve to support the lead. You are the lead.

You don’t deserve to run away. You deserve to be brave.

You don’t deserve to be felt like an obligation. You are the privilege.

You don’t deserve to feel like a curse. You are magic.

Yes, you should know what you deserve, but you should also know what you don’t deserve. Don’t settle. 

Nothing is off the radar if you become aware of your worth and proclaim, “I am ready!”


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