The Reason Behind Why People Fly Kites To Celebrate Independence Day

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Updated on 16 Aug, 2017 at 3:15 pm


It’s the time of the year again when loud screams of “Kai Po Che!” and “Aaiii booo” will be heard. The sky will be filled with hundreds of colorful dots and markets will have all the varieties of kites.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi flying kite. Source


Kite flying is a popular activity on August 15 to celebrate Independence Day in India. I remember making colorful kites all by my own and participating in kite-making and flying, competitions in school. The celebrations start almost a week before the day as it’s the most important day in Indian history. It’s the day when our nation became independent. It’s the day when our ancestors tasted freedom.

August 15 might be just like any other holiday but for some, it’s the day they wait for the whole year. Forgetting caste, creed or region, people color themselves saffron, white, and green on this day and gather on their terraces to celebrate by flying kites.



Kite flying on Independence Day is more popular in the northern regions of India. Many even organize parties that include having fun on the terrace flying kites and enjoying snacks. from kids fighting to cut each other’s kites to running and chasing the falling the kites with happy faces, this is the charm of Independence Day in India.


But, have you ever wondered how kite flying became a tradition in India on Independence Day?

Kites symbolize freedom, then what’s better than flying kites on the day out nation got freedom? Kites also have a significance in Indian history. Kites became the medium of protest in 1927 when out ancestors raised slogans like,”Go back, Simon” against the Simon commission. Kites with the slogan “Go Back Simon” written over them were flown in the sky. Ever since then, kite flying became a tradition in India to celebrate India’s independence from British rule. On August 15, as soon as the prime minister hoists the Indian flag on the ramparts of the Red Fort in Delhi, people climb up to their roofs and start flying kites to celebrate this special day.

It’s the day we got independence, it’s the day we all should celebrate together. So, wait no more, rush to the market and get the finest kite to enjoy the day your nation got freedom.

P.S. Don’t buy manjhas to fly kites. It kills hundreds of innocent birds every year. It also gets tangled in two wheelers and causes accidents. Use cotton threads and make the day carefree for them as well. ENJOY!