An Officer Developed Kitchen Garden In Schools To Make Mid-Day Meals Healthier

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8:27 pm 9 May, 2016


An IAS officer in Uttar Pradesh, Apurva Dubey, has found an interesting way to make mid-day meals healthier.

The officer has started started kitchen garden in a vacant primary school land where green vegetables are grown.


Dubey, who was worried about decrease in the drop-out rate and malnutrition among children, said:

“It is an attempt to eradicate malnutrition from India and decrease the drop-out rate. We are getting funds from MNREGA for painting the walls and making this initiative more colourful to attract children. Now, students have also started showing interest in the project.”


Vegetable garden wikimedia

Vegetable garden

This is one of the best ways to utilize empty land in the school premises. She has earlier developed a school kitchen garden in Hasanpur village.

Now, even authorities are planning to develop more such gardens.




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