After Every On-Screen Steamy Kiss, This Is What Emraan Hashmi Does

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5:42 pm 1 Jun, 2016


Emraan Hashmi does what he does best. Kissing.

But we all know that he has a beautiful wife. And at home, he needs to answer for every on-screen kiss. Recently, during the launch of his book, ‘The Kiss of Life’, a witty reporter asked him how his wife feels about his multiple kisses on-screen?


Hashmi said,

She still sulks. She doesn’t hit me as hard now — earlier it used to be with a bag — now it’s just with the hand. So she has kind of come down over the years.


So, it’s not expensive jewelry but bags that bail him out of the, um, sticky spot. If the number of kisses corresponds to the number of bags gifted, it’s obvious that he would be broke by now. But their deal is economical, kisses could be multiple times in a film but the bag comes only once.

Emraan Hashmi has a lesson for you:


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