Do You Know Legendary Kishore Kumar Was The First Celebrity To Attempt Kiki Challenge?

4:34 pm 7 Aug, 2018


Kiki Challenge has just got into the skin of the music lovers and now almost bred into Bollywood as well. As if Drake song’s “In My feelings” wasn’t promoted enough through this dance challenge, now almost everyone is hooked onto getting out of jumping cars and singing “Kiki do you love me?” Kiki challenge is doing tremendously ever since Canadian musician Drake’s dance bet reached metro cities.

Now, Drake has finally released the original video “In my feelings” from his album Scorpion. Currently topping at Billboard’s Hot 100 list.



Despite police warnings, this challenge is getting hotter with participants jumping out of moving cars, while the background song of Drake’s album keeps playing (who gives a s**t?).




Even Bollywood hasn’t left behind. Indian celebrities like Adah Sharma and Nora Fatehi took up this dancing challenge (they did a fairly good job!). Watch here:



This is Nora’s version:



In fact, this Kiki challenge is so popular within Bollywood, that there’s a debate that it might have even started here! At least, these memes say so:





This new trend isn’t just popular among people. An Indian farmer duo came up with their version with their buffalo! Watch their viral video:




Speaking of Bollywood, you’ll be shocked to know that Kiki challenge goes way back to that famous black and white era! It was Kishore Kumar who started it all!



In 1950’s film ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi’, no one knew back then that Drake would get inspired by Kishore Kumar’s Kiki challenge!



A song from the same film called ‘Babu Samjho Ishaare’ became a massive hit and Kishore dada’s version is now trending on social media.



Thanks to Kishore Kumar and his brothers Anoop and Ashok running around a moving car, this song is now catching everyone’s attention 60 years on.



A fan posted this creative meme video on Twitter, instantly relating Kishore Kumar’s Kiki challenge with the original of course.

This is the 60 years old version of Kiki challenge:



That’s not all. We got more surprise in store for you! Here is the very ‘original’ Kiki song. In the original, Drake is trying to impress his girlfriend Kiki played by La La Anthony.





We wonder when will this Kiki challenge die down, but all these new surprises are never-ending as of now! Tell us your favorite Kiki Challenge in the comments section below.

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