Kiran Bedi Trolled By Netizens After She Congratulated ‘Puducherrians’ For France’s World Cup Win

1:34 pm 16 Jul, 2018


In an epic football match, France defeated Croatia with 4-2 for the winning cup of FIFA World Cup 2018 in the Russian capital of Moscow on July 15. Apparently, Indian celebrities were also quite happy with the victory of France in the FIFA World Cup as they applauded the country with their tweets on social media. Prominent personalities like Abhishek Bachchan, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and even IPS officer Kiran Bedi posted their messages felicitating France’s win.

Evidently, the French team was elated beyond words and there was a celebration not just across Paris but around the entire world. As fans were frolicking around on France’s win in the FIFA World Cup, here are some of the best viral pictures from the celebrations.

Take a look at some of the pictures from the celebrations:



France fans rejoice!



What a victory!



Celebrations all around!


Well, Twitter is a mean world where nobody is spared from being targeted by trolls and their latest victim became the first woman IPS officer of India, Kiran Bedi. Surprisingly, Kiran Bedi joined the bandwagon of France’s win and posted a congratulatory message on her Twitter account. However, the message was not for the citizens of France. It was for someone else.



In an interesting turn of events, Kiran Bedi posted a tweet on her social media account congratulating the residents of Puducherry (Pondicherry) terming it as erstwhile French territory, on the victory of France in the FIFA World Cup 2018.

For the record, Puducherry merged into the Indian Union 1962 after being a small French colony. It is now one of the seven Union Territories of India. Interestingly, Kiran Bedi is the current Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, reason to which she applauded the UT as France won the FIFA World Cup.

Read the tweet IPS officer Kiran Bedi posted here:




As expected, Twitterati got a hilarious reason to troll Kiran Bedi as they were not pleased by her tweet. While some accused her of a ‘publicity stunt’, others wondered why she was parsing the colonial rulers of India. There were some trolls asking for Bedi’s resignation as the governor as well.

Here are some of the tweets trolling the officer:




Stop it!!!


People are asking for her resignation!


Well, genius!




Apparently, yes!




Same blood!




Please take notice!

Nevertheless, we congratulate France on winning the trophy of the FIFA World Cup!