Kiran Bedi Shared Fake Photos Of Monuments In Indian Tricolour And Twitter Is Laughing Out Loud Over Her IQ

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2017 at 2:51 pm

To start with, Kiran Bedi is a supreme example of a strong and a successful IPS officer who revolutionized the position of a woman in politics and government services. After becoming the first women IPS officer in 1972, she paved the path for millions of women who aspire to become respected dignitaries. But quite lately, her political career didn’t go as expected, first came her fallout with ‘AAP’ and then, her loss as a BJP member. These defeats somewhere questioned her famed position and she was ridiculed brutally.



But this has not stopped yet. Mistakenly, Kiran Bedi shared the photos of monuments with Indian Tricolour and made the goof-up as all images were fake.

This is what she tweeted:

And that was it. For every blunder, there are trolls.

If kiranji is true, then, this is also true:


Too much bogus messages:

Side effects of being a BJP member:

Kejriwal, we found you a new pass time:

The reality check:

All sarkaars are the same:

Anyways, Kiraji, we feel you, shit happens.