Puducherry Lt. Governor, Kiran Bedi, Depicted As Hitler By Congress

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10:59 pm 21 Jul, 2017


Kiran Bedi, Puducherry’s Lt. Governor, has been depicted as Adolf Hitler by Congress party members in Tamil Nadu.

Bedi tweeted a photograph in which she has been depicted as Nazi-leader, Adolf Hitler, and has alleged that the poster was made by Congress. Congress is currently running its ‘Condemnation Agitation against the Central government and the Lt Governor for the process of nominating MLAs’.



Bedi’s tweet is marked by the “folded hands” emoticon. She is being targeted by Congress since she took three persons from BJP into the Legislative Assembly on July 4. The persons were nominated by the Center. The induction was marked with protests from Congress leaders.


RKR  Anandaraman, elected from Manavely constituency, said that the demonstration was also in part to urge the Center to recall Bedi. He added that the Lt. Governor has an “undemocratic style of functioning” and that “the nomination of three BJP activists by the Centre without adhering to democratic procedures” was not acceptable. The parties also called for a bandh and fast on July 7.


Some posters also showed Bedi being chased away while some portrayed her as Goddess Kali with several heads in her hands. The posters, as described by Bedi as “one of a series”, were shared on social media and put up across the Union Territory.

A bandh was witnessed on July 8 to protest against Bedi’s style of functioning and the posters depicted her as unwanted and a blood-thirsty leader. Several parties have been voicing their opinion against BJP-leader, Kiran Bedi, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.



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