Exotic Kingfisher Spotted! We Mean Vijay Mallya Has Been Found In London

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5:13 pm 10 Mar, 2016


Mallya is like an elusive creature, so Indian authorities are ecstatic that he has been found, even if by the media.


Vijay Mallya Mood

He fled India on March 2, after authorities served a look out notice on him.

(Did the Kingfisher ‘king’ literally transform into a bird to fly out of the country?)



Kingfisher Vijay Mallya

Okay, that’s a little too farfetched.

According to the ever-so-aware-eyes of the press (Times Now, here), Mallya has been found relaxing at his country home in Tiwen village near London.


Times Now

Times Now


Practically, Mallya’s downfall came after he leaped to the skies with Kingfisher Airlines in 2005.

Mallya is wanted in India because:

1. Thirteen banks want to recover loans of over Rs.7,000 crore from him. Interest amount will raise it further.

2. The CBI is probing charges of money laundering against him.

3. Former Kingfisher Airlines employees want their unpaid salaries and arrears from him.

The banks, especially SBI (because Mallya owes Rs.2000 crore to them), were late in moving against Mallya. By the time they moved, the bird had flown.

So what can the authorities do? One option is to wait and hope Mallya listens to their plea and returns to India.



SRK peet


The other is to revoke his passport and make him a stateless person, thereby ensuring that England forces Mallya back to India.



apne aap ko police ke hawaale kar do

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