According To This Study, If Children Hate You, You’re Probably Ugly

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Updated on 18 Jun, 2016 at 9:00 pm


While I was travelling back to Delhi with my family, a neighboring 5-year-old girl kept smiling at me with a toothy smile. My sister snapped at me, asking me why the hell kids love me?

And as I recalled all the kids I’ve ever met, I only remembered how they were attracted to me like a magnet.


I joked with her about how she’s ugly and witch-y and probably that’s why children get scared. And me? Du-uh, obviously because I am pretty, they love me. Kids are mean like that.

Of course she was like:



But guess, the stars and science both are in my favor. According to a study published in ‘Frontiers In Psychology’, children tend to base their trust on your attractiveness.

So if you’re hot in a general stereotypical way, children will trust you more, like you more and will be happy around you.

On the flip side, if they are cranky around you only to shoot a big smile as soon as they reach out to someone more comforting – and pretty (aka me!), you know you’re ugly AF.


The psychological study carried out in China had two groups of adults and children.

Presenting the kids with 200 neutral male faces, the scientists found out how kids trusted attractive faces more. Previous studies have already explored how attractiveness is linked to a person being smarter, successful and more outgoing.

In fact, in the same study, adults reacted the same way. The ability to judge a person’s worthiness only increases with age and that too, girls are supposed to be better at this better than boys.

I guess vanity and our judgement cease to leave us in a single lifetime. We are born to do that!


Thanks Science, for making my day for once!