Khushbu Sundar Slammed By Twitterati, Says I Am A Born Muslim And Will Die As One

11:49 am 9 Apr, 2018


Popular South Indian actress and national spokesperson for the Congress Party, Khushbu Sundar has come in the limelight for posting controversial comments of social media yet again.



Khushbu has recently posted a tweet claiming to be a Muslim by birth and will die as a Muslim only. Calling herself Musilm, then she said she doesn’t want to live by the rule of religion. Being a Congress spokesperson, she was taking a hit at the opposition, Bharatiya  Janata Party at the same time.



After posting the tweet, she got slammed by the Twitterati because of calling herself a Muslim now, while she called herself an atheist earlier in an interview.






Last year, it was revealed that Khushbu Sandhu was born a Muslim and was named Nikhat Khan at her birth in Mumbai. A lot of people were alleging her for hiding her actual name and status. Many social media trolls even regarded her as a Pakistani.

The actress-turned-politician slammed her trollers by saying that her trollers have a new discovery about her name after 47 years and called her ‘Khan’.


Few days back, Khushbu posted a picture of Naga Sadhus on her Twitter handle in which the caption was, “This is how BJP ruled state assemblies are likely to look like in a few days from now.”


Evidently, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has appointed five ‘sadhus’ as ministers in his cabinet and Khushbu Sundar was bad-mouthing the minister’s decision of his cabinet appointment.

She was roasted by the tweeple including the BJP minister Tarun Vijay for her criticism towards the ruling party.



Khushbu Sundar, an actress, producer, television presenter and now a Congress politician has been a renowned South Indian actress who has worked in more than 200 films.

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