‘Hero’ Of Some, Dr. Kafeel Khan Removed From His Post While Social Media Digs Out His Alleged Past

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Updated on 15 Aug, 2017 at 12:22 pm


For the last few days, the entire country has been shaken by the horrific deaths of many children at the BRD Medical College at Gorakhpur.

This is when, according to several reports, a doctor named Kafeel Khan turned into hero. Dr Khan, the head of encephalitis ward, was well-aware of the fact that the low oxygen level in cylinders in the ward could turn fatal.


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The story goes like this. It all started on August 10 when the central oxygen pipeline in the college hospital started to beep. According to reports, the medical staff knew that the oxygen level in the cylinders was low and that the reserve cylinders could only last for a couple of hours.

The suppliers had refused to help. So he had reportedly asked two hospital employees to sit in his car and drove to a friend’s nursing home and borrowed three cylinders. He had also given instructions to the junior staff in the hospital to start pumping Ambu bags for the time being.

Dr Khan reportedly took another few trips to borrow 12 cylinders in total and also paid a local supplier from his own pocket for more cylinders. The story was that his prompt action saved the lives of many children.

Soon, Dr. Kafeel Khan’s story hit the media and he was being hailed as a hero. Many prominent names tweeted in his support for his quick response.

Sanjiv Bhatt sarcastically took a dig at those who call Muslims “descendants of Babur” while praising Dr Khan:

And yet on Sunday afternoon, Dr. Khan was removed from his post:

It is not clear why he was removed. But one must note that comments on social media indicated that not everyone was pleased with the hero-worshipping of Dr. Khan. There were many who dug up a lot of dirt related to the doctor.

This is what the Twitterati had to say about Dr. Khan’s background:

It has been pointed out that as the head of the unit, it was Dr. Khan’s responsibility to ensure oxygen supply.


It has been alleged that he impersonated someone at a medical exam in 2009.

And this is very serious.

Some also pointed out his strong opinion against the current BJP-led government at the Center and in the state (though that is not exactly a problem).

After some of his tweets went public, Khan has made his alleged twitter handle private.

This particular thread traces everything alleged about Dr. Khan along with a very pertinent question:

A report indicates that he has a private hospital. It should be noted that Yogi Adityanath said today that no doctor can have private practise.

And as soon as the news of his removal started doing the rounds, one of those voices which praised him blamed it on the media:

The most important lesson to be drawn from this episode is that one should not trust a singular mainstream media report hailing someone as a hero.