Khali Faced Difficulties While Traveling, Later Surprised Fans By Eating Kilos Of Breakfast

5:46 pm 31 Jan, 2018


Dalip Singh Rana popularly known as The Great Khali is in news again, but this time it’s not for wrestling. Not many of us know that Khali recently visited the state of Madhya Pradesh, where he had to attend an event. More surprising is the fact that even after a major amount of security personnel surrounding him, he had to face some difficulties during his travel.

We are kidding! Though he faced few difficulties, they were not due to his popularity but because of his own body built.


Yeah, that’s true. So while Khali was traveling to Singrauli in a car, he was not able to sit properly as his head almost collided with the roof of the car. For his comfort, the car’s seats had to be folded in order to make extra space for him to sit properly.

It has been reported, that during his visit, Khali also surprised people with his breakfast habits and routine. For his breakfast, Khali had 40 eggs, 2kg Poha, 3 packets of toast, 4 packets of biscuits, 2kg oatmeal, 4 cups of coffee and 2 cups of tea. The image below surely reminds us of how he used to be a troublemaker inside the “Bigg Boss” house, years back when he made his first appearance on the reality show.

Khali in Bigg Boss.

Well, Khali has been India’s pride and has given India a great recognition in the WWE universe.


The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion also spoke recently about how the WWE has failed while trying to capture the Indian market of professional wrestling.



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