Kerala Man Jumps Into Lion Enclosure At Zoo. What Happens Next Will Make You SWEAT

12:12 pm 22 Feb, 2018


We have all watched the Indian reality show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi‘ at some point in our lives, not because of the chilling locales, but due to the fearless and daring acts by the participants. We all got to know that the factor involved in performing these ‘impossible’ stunts, is only a game of overcoming fear from our minds. However, we were treated to a real-life bizarre incident, which will give you the same goosebumps. It happened in Thiruvananthapuram zoo, when a man jumped into the lion enclosure on all his fours and the entire episode was filmed by onlookers and zoo staff.


The dramatic scenes played out on February 21 when Murugan, a native of Palakkad, scaled the barricaded 5-foot high wall of the lioness’ enclosure and jumped inside.


The incident happened around 11.45 am and was captured on mobile phones by other zoo visitors. It shows a man in blue shirt, later identified as 45-year-old Murugan Thonippadath, consciously moving towards the corner of a lion’s enclosure in the zoo.


A resident of Ottapalam, he was reported missing by his family members since February 18 and local newspapers carried his ‘missing person’ advert. He continued his foolish deed, as if determined to become lion’s dinner for the day.


A watchman noticed him in the nick of time and alerted security staff. Just as Murugan crawled towards his ‘certain’ death, a member of the zoo staff catches him from behind and within seconds, he is overpowered and dragged away by four other security officials.


The lioness named Grazy had closed in for attacking Murugan, however, the alleged face-off was not caught on camera. The security personnel reportedly distracted her while rescuing the Keralite for safety.


He was admitted to a hospital as he suffered certain leg injuries. The police believe that he’s mentally ill and was drunk at the time. They will file a case after questioning him.


Here’s the entire video of the bizarre incident:



With this video going viral on social media, Tweeple got the chance to express their views. Here’s how they reacted and it will make you ROFL!










Police are probing the case and Murukan has been admitted to the hospital.



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