Kerala’s Ex-DGP Is Under Fire Because Of This Comment

Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 4:31 pm

Communal sensitivity is the need of the hour in our country. The increasing instances of tension between Hindus and Muslims is alarming. It is in such a scenario that the statement of an ex-DGP from Kerala is being criticized.

T.P. Senkumar, in an interview with Samakalika Malayalam Varika, suggested that the Muslim community should curtail the extremism their religion propagates. Since the interview, Senkumar has been facing acute criticism for alleged hate speech specific to one community.


A file photo of T.P. Senkumar. The Indian Express

Senkumar touched several aspects concerning the religious beliefs of the Muslim community and suggested to make some changes.

On Love Jihad

He took up the concept of Jihad and said that Muslims are taught to practice Jihad in order to attain heaven, but it also involves converting religious beliefs of other people and killing of non-Muslims.

He further comments on ‘love Jihad’:

“If religious conversions happen over love, such things would have taken place in all religions. But such conversions happen only in the Muslim community.”

Representational image. DNA

On comparison between Islamic State and the RSS

The Left often equates the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) with Islamic State. Senkumar rips apart the analogy:

“There should be attempts from within the community to check religious extremism. When speaking about extremism, there is no sense speaking about the RSS. One cannot have a comparison between the RSS and the Islamic State.”

On demographics

The changing demographics of Kerala which shows an increase in Muslim population but a stark dip in Christian population found a detailed analytic mention in his interview.

“Of 100 births in the state, 42 belong to the Muslim community, which constitutes 27 per cent of the population. The birth rate of Hindus, which constitutes 54 per cent of population, is below 48.5 per cent.

If demography is changing in this manner, what kind of change would be taking place in Kerala in the future? Although the Christian birth rate is coming down, their population is not falling because of the conversions they are doing.”


Of course, Senkumar’s words have angered the Left, which rules Kerala, and everyone who see things from a different prism. Congress MP M.I. Shanavas called it an “attempt to create communal hatred”. They now accuse the ex-DGP of being under BJP’s influence.