A Woman Educator Was Asked Her ‘Rate’ By Men. The Way She Made Them ‘Pay’ Is A Lesson For All

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Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 5:05 pm

She is a CEO of an educational consultancy in Kerala but the kind of harassment Sreelakshmi Satheesh faced online proves that some men in India need re-education.

The ordeal for Sreelakshmi started when she began getting calls and text messages from strangers who asked her these kind of questions: “What is your rate?”, “When can I meet you?”, “Shall I book a room?”, etc.

She initially ignored the calls but when the calls and messages started getting persistent, she called back one of those unknown numbers.


According to reports, Sreelakshmi told the stranger that she was not a call girl and informed the man of who she really is. Upon realising his mistake, the frightened man begged her for forgiveness.

It was then that the man told Sreelakshmi that he got her number from a WhatsApp group where someone had shared her number and described her as a “super item”.

To her shock, Sreelakshmi realised that the one who had shared her number in the group was one of her acquaintances – a man who used to address her as an elder sister.

The man who posted her number was the regional secretary of the youth wing of a national party.

When Sreelakshmi decided to file a police complaint, the members of the party requested her not to. She demanded that the regional secretary be expelled from the party. That did not happen. So Sreelakshmi decided to go ahead with her complaint.

This time the man’s father approached Sreelakshmi and requested her to forgive his son.

Sreelakshmi told the man that he will have to deposit Rs.25000 to a charity and get a bill as a proof. Why Rs.25000? Because that was the highest ‘rate’ that was offered to her by one of those callers.

If you can read Malayalam, here is her post:

What Sreelakshmi went through is not uncommon in India. Hundreds of women across the country are harassed in the same manner by lecherous men regularly. We should, however, praise Sreelakshmi for not only speaking up against the harassment but also teaching a lesson to the man in a very unique way.