17 Images From Kerala Floods That Are Sure To Move You To The Core And Urge You To Help The Victims

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8:30 am 22 Aug, 2018


Floods have created an unprecedented havoc in the state of Kerala. Ever since the heavy rain started in the state on August 8, the situation has been beyond control. According to the estimates, more than 350 people have died so far and lakhs have been left stranded in the Kerala floods. As many as 20,000 houses have been damaged, which is clearly evident in the pictures showing the aerial view of the state which show buildings submerged in water to a great extent.

Rescue operations are performed on large scale with the support from the Indian Armed Forces. People from all across the country includingpoliticians and Bollywood celebrities are making donations through different mediums to  rescue and rehabilitate the people of Kerala.

Meanwhile, a large number of pictures have surfaced on the internet that capture the damage caused by the Kerala floods. These pictures are sure to move you to the core and inspire you to do your bit for the benefit of those affected by the flood. Take a look at these pictures below.



1. An aerial picture of a part of Kerala that shows scores of buildings submerged in water



2. Doing every possible bit to save their lives



3. Nowhere to go?



4. Homeless and helpless


5. An Airforce personnel airlifting elderly people. Every life is important!



6. Looks like this is all the wealth he has at this moment! A man carries a sack of grains from his home as it gets flooded after the Kakkayam dam was opened following heavy rain in Kozhikode



7. That smile after having lost everything but his spirit to live



8. Nuns being rescued after the water log reaches waist level



9. Look at how this man has laid down on a waterlogged street for rescuing women



10. These women look so nervous and shattered while being rescued



11. A rescue team personnel saving a child



12. The havoc spared none


13. All for all



14. Women wait in a queue to receive relief material



15. A woman gives birth amidst the havoc



16. Flood victims waiting for food material to reach them inside a temporary relief camp in Kochi



17. A family tries to gather their shattered house and belongings after the flood water receded



We hope that more and more people get rescued and rehabilitated at the earliest and the loss of life is minimal. It is the time that all countrymen come together for the support of Kerala flood victims and do their bit. Have these pictures inspired you to help the victims of Kerala floods in some way?