This Kerala Youth Got Onto A Rescue Helicopter Just To ‘Get A Feel Of The Copter Ride’

5:45 pm 22 Aug, 2018


Kerala floods have devastated the entire state and left the country in a shock. As water is receding, people are moving back to their homes, unaware of what could have happened to their belongings. While the commandos are still working towards rescuing people and dropping them to safer areas, their hard-work has only saved thousands of lives in the times of the disaster. One can’t even think of taking such a situation lightly, but there came a boy who just thought being lifted up was all about enjoyment.

Where on one hand the commandos were thinking they are saving a man’s life, the man on the other hand just wanted to take a ride in the helicopter! How ironic is that!



While the Kerala floods rescue mission was on in Arattupuzha, a 28- year-old man named Joby Joy rushed towards the helicopter and request the commandos to be lifted. The man was finally inside the helicopter when he saw the chopper moving towards Thiruvananthapuram. He then requested the commandos to be dropped at the same place from where he was lifted.




Reportedly, he revealed that he got on board thinking that he was being offered a lift. Joby’s behaviour caused a trouble to the entire staff on board.  The air force official revealed that the minimum loss caused by his act would sum up to about Rs 1 Lakh.



The officer also revealed that though a woman and a child were stranded in a nearby area, they rescued him first because he came to them running, and due to insufficient fuel they couldn’t take care of the woman and the child.


Kerala Floods

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Joby was later handed over to the Thiruvananthapuram district administration by the officials. In another incident, a man waved to the helicopter and as soon as help reached him, he clicked a selfie and and waved them goodbye. Do you think this kind of behavior is acceptable, especially when hundreds of people have lost their lives and thousands lost their homes?