Fishermen Showed Exceptional Bravery During Kerala Floods By Evacuating People, And We Are Proud Of Them

9:30 pm 23 Aug, 2018


The world has it eyes on what’s happening in the southern part of India, Kerala floods have become a matter of discussion for international newspapers and broadcast industry. Where on one hand business tycoons are sending money to help the state to recover from this tragedy, the central government is doing comparatively less to deal with the situation. Floods have completely destructed the state and even led to the closure of the international airport.

Thousands of people have lost their homes, hundreds have lost their lives and millions got displaced to camps. Air-force commandos are working day and night, rescuing people, thus saving the lives of many. In the times of despair, stories of hope, valor and sacrifice have been doing rounds on the internet.


Kerala Floods


Watch this video in which a fisherman could be seen on his knees and hands, becoming a staircase for people. His face was almost submerged in water.



Then came the fishermen in their colorful boats rescuing thousands stuck in the Kerala flood waters. Their traditional boats turned out to be working in perfect shapes compared to the government rafts.



It would be right to compare the valor of these men to those who helped rescue thousands of men stranded on the beach of Dunkirk during the World War II. The New York Times put it like this:

“It was like an Indian Dunkirk, reminiscent of when British citizens in small boats ventured to the French coast during World War II to evacuate trapped soldiers.”



As the water has started receding, people are now returning back to their homes, to take a glimpse of all that must be remaining. These stories of sacrifice that brought sunshine to many lives will certainly go down in the pages of history.