Know Why Gulf Countries Are Supporting Kerala in Flood Relief Work

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3:58 pm 23 Aug, 2018


The state of Kerala and its people are still struggling to deal with the aftermath of one of the worst natural calamities India has witnessed so far. The devastating floods have killed hundreds of people and rendered lakhs of them homeless. Devastating pictures from the Kerala floods show the deplorable condition of the people who have suffered as a result. With the support of the Indian Armed Forces, the government has carried out rescue operations at a very large scale.

At the moment social media is full of topics related to offering help to the affected people and people urging others to do their bit and donate for the rescue and rehabilitation cause.


Kerala Floods




After monitoring the flood-affected areas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced an immediate financial assistance of Rs 500 crore for the victims of Kerala flood.



Soon after the PM’s announcement, Kerala chief minister revealed that the United Arab Emirates too has offered a financial help of Rs 700 crore towards the flood-affected people of Kerala. Though the government has refused to accept the donation from the UAE despite pressure from the people of Kerala to do so, the figure of Rs 700 crore has grabbed huge media attention.



Besides UAE, a number of other Gulf countries too have offered monetary assistance for the flood-hit people of Kerala. This has made people, as well as the media, wonder that what could be the reason behind such strong connection of the Muslim countries with the people of Kerala.



Actually, a large part of the population of these countries comprises Keralites who have migrated to these countries. Out of all the Indian non-residents in the UAE, maximum have come from Kerala. And these people also have a huge say in the administration and economy of the UAE.



It is because of these reasons that the government, as well as many non-resident Indians of the UAE and other Gulf countries, have extended help to Kerala through donations.



In fact, according to the estimates by the World Bank, India is at the top of the list of countries where non-residents send maximum foreign currency to their home country. Further, as per a report by Indiaspend, among the non-residents from across different states of India, it is the people of Kerala who send maximum funds back home.

Isn’t that an admirable gesture by the non-resident Indians hailing from Kerala?