Last Night NASA Revealed Earth’s Closest Twin. Here’s Everything You Wanted To Know

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7:28 pm 24 Jul, 2015

NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has made a very interesting discovery – an exoplanet 5 times the size of Earth and orbiting a habitable zone. But let us not have those high-fantasy thoughts of living in another Earth. (An exoplanet is a planet that orbits a star other than the Sun, a stellar remnant, or a brown dwarf.)

1. Kepler-452b lies 1400 light years away in constellation Cygnus.


2. Kepler-452b is 60 per cent larger than Earth.


3. Its estimated mass puts Kepler-452b in the category of rocky planets such as Earth.


4. Kepler-452b is a 1.5 billion years older than Earth.


5. Due to its age, the planet actually shows Earth’s future which will be hotter and brighter.


6. The planet’s orbit is only 5 per cent longer than Earth’s, despite its size.


7. No, they haven’t found signs of alien life on this planet yet.


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