It Was Kejriwal’s Birthday And Tweeple Gifted Him The Best Trolls

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7:59 pm 17 Aug, 2017


People were hoping their best that Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Admi Party will bring a revolution in Indian politics. Yes, AAP came with a bang. The party got votes from a majority of people. Unfortunately, it ended up becoming a butt of a joke. Kejriwal’s obsession with Modi sank the party’s position in the eyes of the people and these days people just show interest in trolling the party and its member (read: Kejriwal).


It was Arvind Kejriwal’s birthday on August 16. The politician received quite unique gifts on his 49th birthday! On one hand, a politician of an opposition party gifted him a pair of leather shoes, and tweeple decided to gift him the best trolls.


Tweeple took the 71st Independence Day picture of Kejriwal and started making fun of it. Many even claimed that he purposely took out the shirt just to get the picture clicked. Many also claimed that it was Kejriwal’s trick to look poor. Take a look at the picture:


Check out the reactions people gave on this pic:








Kejriwal’s reaction after reading these trolls 😛

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