Kejriwal Got Hilariously Trolled By Modi Bhakts After Stupid Tweet Against The PM

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12:45 pm 22 Jun, 2016


We have seen Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal putting a lot of effort on Twitter to troll PM Modi. Though, PM Modi has never replied to him but he as yet hasn’t lost his hope.




Recently, BJP Spokesperson, Sambit Patra commented on Kejriwal and said, “His (Arvind Kejriwal) morning begins with Modi Modi Modi, his afternoons are Modi, Modi, Modi and evenings are Modi, Modi, Modi.”

And now Kejriwal has taken another attempt in trolling Modi on Twitter. Have a look at his tweet:


Kejriwal’s tweet has a double-faced Modi caricature. On one side it shows the PM is about Ambedkar, Gandhi etc. and on the other side, he is instigating hatred in our nation.



Obviously after such a tweet, no one could save Kejriwal from NaMo bhakts and that’s what happened. Modi followers absolutely trolled Kejriwal, have a look at their hilarious tweets.


Somebody said the truth!


Have you?






Poor Rakhi!




You just can’t blame everything on Modi!




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