Kejriwal Not Only ‘Praises’ PM Modi, But Asks Him To Expose Pakistan’s False Propaganda

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6:07 pm 3 Oct, 2016

Contradictory to his nature, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on October 3 praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for army’s cross – border surgical strike.


While the Delhi CM expressed his gratitude in a video message, he also asked PM Modi to prove the authenticity of the strikes so as to counter Pakistan’s claim that it never happened.

In this video, Kejriwal said…

“There may be differences between me and the Prime Minister over hundred issues. But I salute the prime minister for the will power which he has shown in this issue.”

Kejriwal then moved to talk about the Pakistani propaganda in which Pakistan has consistently denied that surgical strikes even took place.

 “Since these surgical strikes took place, Pakistan has become rattled. Pakistan has now resorted to dirty politics. For the last two or three days, we have seen that it’s been taking foreign journalists to the LoC. It has been trying to convince them that the surgical strikes did not take place.”

He thus urged PM Modi to also “expose Pakistani Army’s false propaganda.” by proving that the surgical strikes have indeed taken place.

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