Farmers Ending Lives Over Loans But System Is ‘Helpless’ Before Mallya: Kejriwal

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3:38 pm 24 Mar, 2016


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal raked up Vijay Mallya issue while raising concerns about agrarian distress.

He said that the entire system is helpless as Mallya ran away after incurring debts of Rs. 9,000 crore and on the other hand, farmers are forced to end their lives over meagre loans.

Kejriwal said:

“There are several loopholes in our system. On one hand, Mallya ran away with a loan of Rs.9,000 crore, but on the other hand, a farmer has to commit suicide for a loan of just Rs.50,000-60,000.”


Death of Farmer

Farmers are committing suicide over loans.
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While unveiling the statues of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Rajguru at Delhi,  he added:

“When Mallya ran away with pending loans, the entire system was helpless before him. I don’t think that the independence Bhagat Singh envisaged has come in our country.”

Delhi CM also mentioned that there are several people like Mallya who owe loans of crores of rupees.


Aam Adami Party (AAP), which is trying to unseat the SAD-BJP alliance in elections in Punjab due next year, claimed that farmers are committing suicide in the state.

“Recently, I visited Punjab where farmers are committing suicide. I was told that farmers were committing suicide because of non-payment of their loans taken for crops which were later damaged, ” Kejriwal said, adding that he also  learnt that some farmers had committed suicide as they couldn’t bear excessive medical expenses.


Arvind Kejriwal with 106-yr old Naseem Mirza Changezi during the unveiling of statues of martyrs NDTV

Arvind Kejriwal with 106-yr old Naseem Mirza Changezi during the unveiling of statues of martyrs

Asserting that AAP won’t let poor people die because they cannot afford medical expenses, the minister said:

“The Delhi government has given the highest compensation to farmers for crop loss in the history of independent India. We gave Rs. 20,000 per acre compensation.”

He added that when farmers face problems, it is the responsibility of the government to resolve those.