This Odd-Even TV Ad Is Being Criticised For A Very Valid Reason

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Updated on 11 Jul, 2016 at 12:34 pm


Yes, this is definitely the voice of Arvind Kejriwal but the man in the video may not be him. (Anyone can wrap a muffler and look like the back of Kejriwal’s head! Literally!)


One wonders why the Delhi Government decided to spread their otherwise important message in a style best suited for the radio. And who made this ad? It reminds us of the early decades of filmmaking!


Arvind Kejriwal does not appears in the video because of a Supreme Court ruling that bars everyone except the President, the PM and the CJI from appearing in government ads.


But some on social media found enough reason to troll him.



The truth is that the ad itself is poorly made. And it is what this social media user pointed out.


Still don’t get it? Watch the ad yourself and then tell us how you feel about it.




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