What Is The Problem In Making Delhi Government Your Friend, Kejriwal Asks Centre

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1:41 pm 31 Mar, 2016


Criticising the Centre government, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said that Modi government is shaking hands with Pakistan and the ISI but not with the Delhi government.

In his reply to the discussion on the Delhi budget, which was passed by the Assembly, he said:

“You can shake hand with ISI, Nawaz Sharif then what is the problem in making Delhi government your friend.”

The Modi government and AAP government in Delhi had been at loggerheads over the several issues of governance and jurisdiction due to the national Capital’s unique constitutional status of a semi-state.

The minister once went as far as calling Prime Minister a ‘coward and a psychopath.’


However, the chief minister assured the opposition BJP MLAs that he will seek their cooperation and will follow ‘cooperative federalism’ in the right spirit.

He also asked for their help in getting the bills pending for Centre’s approval to get passed.

Bills that are pending for Centre’s approval are the AAP government’s flagship Janlokpal bill and the MLA’s salary bill.

Kejriwal said that if there were technical issues with the bills, then the Centre should return them to the Delhi government instead of ‘sitting on them’.


He said:

“Whatever work you want from Delhi government, we will get it done but you get our work done by central government. The GNCTD Act provides that we could take post-facto approval from the Centre after passing the bill in the assembly.”


Talking about the bills, which have not been passed by the Centre, the leader of Opposition asked Kejriwal to follow the Constitution as prior approval of Union government was not taken before passing the bills in the assembly.

Taking a dig at the Centre for making the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) of the Delhi government ‘dysfunctional’, he said while addressing the opposition bench:

“You please ask them to give us ACB back. Ask DDA to give us land and central government to give us funds for the municipal corporations.”


Kejriwal appreciated finance minister Manish Sisodia for presenting a people-friendly budget. He said the West is praising AAP government’s initiatives such as Mohalla clinic and odd-even scheme.