Kejriwal Forced To Go Silent As His Tongue Is Too Big For His Mouth

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 4:43 pm

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been asked by his doctors to not talk for a while as he underwent a surgery for his chronic cough.

Kejriwal had “an enlarged soft palate and uvula in relation to a slight increase in the volume of the tongue” (His tongue was too big for his mouth) and thus had a persistent cough.

The surgery was performed at Narayana Health City Hospital in Bommasandra, Bangalore on September 13 and his doctors have now advised him to stay silent for few days till his tongue recovers.

According to Hospital release, Kejriwal’s chronic cough had troubled him for over 40 years and had been the result of a series of anatomical abnormalities that included an enlarged tongue.

The surgery has now corrected an anatomical abnormality of his oral-pharyngeal (part of the throat) and palatal (top surface of the mouth) that was causing him trouble.