Kejiriwal Blames Modi For The Poor Working Of Election Commission And Twitter Trolled Him Like A Boss

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2017 at 3:10 pm

Kejriwal is doing what he does best.

He starts off his day with an anti-Modi tweet by blaming him for all the wrong that is happening in India. He unknowingly labels him as the flagbearer of every scam. And, his recent accusation is that Modiji is responsible for the poor functioning of the election commission in Punjab and Goa. I mean, WTF?

It is clear that AAP has apparently no chance of winning in Punjab or Goa. And just to blanket his coming defeat, he is playing blame game with PM Modi.

This is what he tweeted:



Twitter is very well aware of Kejriwal’s age-old strategy and hence, they made him realize how he is hampering Delhi as its CM:











Kejriwal, why you do this?


Rehne do yeh nahi badalega: