12 Ways To Keep Your Mother-in-Law Happy

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12:00 pm 10 Mar, 2016


Are you a bride-to-be? If yes, you must be getting the jitters thinking about your new home and in-laws. Often portrayed as an avatar of the Devil by society and media, the thought of being in the same house with your mother-in-law often gives nightmares to the to-be brides. However, worry not for such is definitely not the case.

For once, let’s get all the negative thoughts out of our minds and instead focus on how to win the hearts of our new mothers. So young ladies, here we list out some sure shot ways to garner a special place in your mom-in-law’s heart.


1. At home, team up with your mother-in-law instead of your husband.

Be her partner and her friend; and trust us, your husband will love to see two of the most important women in his life together as a team.


2. Don’t forget to ask her for cooking tips, even if you’re a master chef!

Now, this is something that takes the rapport to a whole new level. That being said, it’s a good idea to take a pre-wedding cooking course.


3. Pamper her with gifts, once in a while.

It does not always have to be grand. Sometimes a chocolate bar does the trick. However, don’t forget to keep in mind her preferences. Such lovely pampering will make her feel loved and less insecure too.


4. Be compassionate and treat her like your own mother.

If she appears to in a low mood, talk to her; if she’s sick, take care of her just like you would do to your mother. Be there for her, and she’ll love you dearly forever.


5. Be respectful and don’t escalate arguments unnecessarily

Come on, if two people are staying together, there are bound to be differences and disagreements. However, there’s no need to be rude and impolite; just gently convey your point, and she will surely understand.


6. Take little initiatives and help out with the daily chores.


Yes, we understand that you are a career-oriented woman, but taking some time to lend a helping hand isn’t something absurdly difficult. Is it!


7. Keep the communication going.

In case there are any doubts or misunderstandings, just sort it out among yourselves without any delay. Never involve your husband. It will not only help you in winning her trust but the two of you would be in a better position to confide in each other.


8. Offer gratitude and a compliment every once in a while.

Come on, every mother deserves this.


9. Allow a mother some time with her son.

You will surely gain points for this one as they both will continue having their bonding time without feeling any intrusion on your part. You will be respected for it.


10. Take her advice as invaluable.

She’s an experienced person, who has seen the world pass by and is worldly wise. Don’t take her advice for criticism, apply it wherever it fits.


11. Never paint a villainous picture of your mom-in-law.

Just like you love your mother, your husband loves his mother. Don’t get him in a position to choose as he won’t be able to do so without hurting either of you. It may just end up creating a rift between you two.


12. Live, laugh, and love.

Share happiness and sorrow with her. Live like a unit, and see your family being your strength in life.