These Kedarnath Memes Hilariously Prove That Some Things Just Can’t Happen In India

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6:47 pm 15 Nov, 2018


After a long wait, the trailer of the much-awaited film, ‘Kedarnath’, dropped a few days back. The trailer looks spectacular as the movie appears to be a fierce battle between love, religion, and God.  The movie marks the debut of Sara Ali Khan, Saif Ali Khan’s daughter, and she looks fairly promising along with Sushant Singh Rajput in the lead. ‘Kedarnath‘ has always been in controversies since its making, but on the bright side, its trailer has received 10 million views in less than 24 hours.

Also, whenever a trailer releases, there are always a few catchy dialogues that instantly go viral on the internet. ‘Kedarnath’, too, had its ‘meme’ moment.




Since it is an interfaith love story, there have to be some harsh, sanskari lines in the film. In one of the clips from the trailer, the father of Mukku (Sara Ali Khan) says this blunt dialogue:



Twitterati, being creative freaks, imagined all the funny situations where Sangam is not possible. Because this is India. Here are the best nine situations.


1. Who eats a pizza with pineapple?



2. One at a time.



3. A dream that will never come true.




4. Move-in ka the end.



5. Goa is a plan, not a reality.



6. Still procrastinating.





7. Jetha, a poor lover.



8.  A standing ovation to Mumbai railways.



9. The inconvenient truth.




Now, tell your favorite sad sangam stories.

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