Meet Kedarnath GM, A Biker Who Will Ride Through All Seven Continents On His Royal Enfield

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3:00 pm 9 Aug, 2017


While many of us deal with our struggles of travelling from home to our workplace, this man plans to traverse the world on the two wheels of his Royal Enfield Himalayan without the help of a phone, GPS or any other device.

39-year old Kedarnath GM is a motorist from Chennai who has set off on an expedition in which he will be travelling to 113 countries across the globe, covering all seven continents on his bike. His journey began on Tuesday from the Royal Enfield Showroom in Adyar and will continue for a period of four years. The travel junkie is not doing all of this only to gratify his wanderlust but also for a bigger ambition of spreading the message of a “borderless world”.

Kedarnath GM, the biker who calls himself a ‘No Country Man’ TheNewsMinute


Before departing for the ambitious excursion, Kedarnath, who calls himself a ‘No country man’, told The News Minute,


It began as a journey of discovering the unknown, but now I do it to spread the larger message of a ‘borderless world’. We create borders in our mind and that is the reason for the current chaos and unwillingness to accept new things. I want to, by narrating my experience, shatter these illusions.

An engineer by profession, the enthusiastic man left his job with JSW Steels so that he could get his Gratuity and Provident Fund and use the money to cover 30 per cent on the expenses of the trip. For remaining expenses, Kedarnath says that he will have to make money as he travels and figure out what to do for that.

This is not the first time that he will be setting off on such an expedition. In the year 2012, Kedarnath rode from Vijayanagar city of Karnataka to Khardunga La pass in Jammu and Kashmir. In 2014, he went on an excursion of 18,000 km, covering 13 countries of Europe.

Kedarnath talks about his passion saying,

So, this is not a journey that was planned all of a sudden. I have slowly been putting pieces together and had to quit my job of 11 years to get the money for this trip. But the experiences that I have seen so far have already made me confident that it will be successful.

Since he will be relying on a lot of help from strangers during his trip, the motorist says that his journey will also prove how much kindness exists across the world. He also shared an experience from his previous trip when he was helped out by an elderly couple. The motorist says,

I was just asking them for some guidance on where to pitch my tent and they let me to stay in their home instead. I was a complete stranger and yet they lent me a helping hand.

The biker admits that weather changes and food can pose major challenges that he will have to overcome. As far as his backpack is concerned, all that it has inside are four pairs of jeans, some t-shirts and some basic tools for his bike. He is not even carrying a phone or a GPS device. For him, all that matters is him and his bike and not any other materialistic thing. The biker asserts that a solo traveler must remember to be humane all through his trip and go out with an open mind.



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