Katrina Kaif Couldn’t Find Anyone In India To Color Her Hair Red. We Can Stop Laughing

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5:57 pm 30 Jan, 2016

If you’re anything like me, when you heard that Katrina Kaif’s red hairdo cost Rs 55 lakh, you went, “She has red hair in ‘Fitoor’?!” and promptly went to check. I don’t know, I guess I expected a red that would wow me and make me envious. Instead, I had to lean close and peer at my screen to see her ‘red’ hair.


That she spent Rs 55 lakh on hair color is bad enough, but spending Rs 55 lakh on a hair color that looks so ‘meh’ is just criminal. I guessed that with all the uproar this was causing, this news would soon be denied or twisted to sound more palatable.


And indeed, today the actress denies that such a sum was spent on her hair. Of course, the tabloids didn’t say the entire amount was spent on her hair, but that since she couldn’t find anyone in India to give her red hair, she had to rope in London-based hair expert Daniel Galvin to do the job. The 55 lakh sum included hotel bills and what not.

She couldn’t find anyone in India to color her hair red?

I have one word for Katrina – henna!

DIY job.

Now that’s what I call RED.


Seriously, the woman who couldn’t find a career in London and plagued us with her awful acting and dialogue delivery here in India had to go to London to get her hair colored. Somebody please get this woman in touch with reality. We have pretty good hair stylists here in India. 

You know who’s fault it is that imbeciles like this do shit like this? Ours. We’re so enamored by everything even remotely firangi that we make talentless hacks like this popular and rich. Then these same morons, who should really be thanking their stars that they have any sort of a career, turn around and disparage us.


Anyhow, why producers would choose to spend their money on Katrina Kaif’s hair is beyond me. Everyone knows that dancing in short skirts with the camera angled upwards is what works for Katrina Kaif. And in that shot, who the hell looks at the hair? I’m usually busy glancing away, fearful of getting a look at her underwear.


I guess when you’re a mediocre actress, you really need gimmicks to keep you looking important and ‘in’.


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