Katrina Kaif’s Cool Response To Fans Heckling Her Shows She Is All About Grace And Class

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2:15 pm 10 Jul, 2018


It has been quite a while that Katrina Kaif established herself as a successful actress in the Indian film industry. After having a long list of commercially successful films to her credit, she has her name in the list of most sought-after actresses of Bollywood. Recently, when Arjun Kapoor made a funny comment on her image, the actress responded in the wittiest way possible. But when it comes to comments by fans, stars often end up being on the receiving end of trolling and shameful remarks on their posts and pictures. While some celebs respond to trolls, some prefer to simply ignore.

The situation is no different when it comes to real life. Bollywood celebs often travel around the country and other parts of the world for their work-related and personal reasons. Given their global fan following, they often get recognized not just in India but in foreign countries too. But things get worse when they are heckled by fans.



This is exactly what happened recently with Katrina Kaif. During her recent ‘Dabangg Reloaded’ tour to Vancouver, Katrina was recognized and bothered by fans. While Katrina was making an exit from the hotel, two of her female fans misbehaved with her. Soon, several onlookers gathered around the actress.



She initially tried to explain to the fans that she had a long and tiring show hence will like to take a nap. However, when she came out next time, the two female fans started booing her. Instead of ignoring them, she decided to answer them gracefully. After that, she stopped, posed with other fans and allowed them to click pictures with her.




A video from the incident was uploaded on YouTube last week and has gone viral. You can watch what exactly happened in the video below:



Don’t you think she is all about decency and class, not just on screen but off screen as well?