Do You Know Who Is The Reason Behind Katrina Kaif’s Debut On Facebook?

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5:02 pm 22 Jul, 2016

Katrina Kaif recently made her debut on Facebook on her 33rd birthday. Well, she did this after a long, long time and the internet went crazy about it.


But do you know person behind this decision?

It is no one other than our very own Bollywood bhai Salman Khan. According to the source, it was Salman who convinced Katrina to make her official appearance on social media. Both came to be on good terms when Katrina was dealing with her breakup with Ranbir Kapoor. Salman had a long chat with her. He made her understand that the social media platform will give her a chance to clear many issues that reflect a wrong image of Katrina.



Thankyou Salman!

I like you two! No matter what happened between you guys, keeping such understanding after a break-up is a huge thing.



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