Kathua, Unnao Rape Cases A Blot On National Conscience, And It Is Time That We Make It Very Tough To Get Away With It

Updated on 18 Apr, 2018 at 3:03 pm


The nation is rocked to the core once again. Our conscience is moved and our hearts pained to see the very image of the 8-year-old girl’s brutalized body. And if we ask ourselves, this is not even a crime. It is ‘the rise of the beast’ and the ‘end of humanness’ within the mortal beings.

Since December 16, 2012, the day Nirbhaya was raped and her body was mutilated, we have heard on a regular basis about similar grave crimes. We took to streets to display our anger towards atrocities on women and asked the government to do something to curb such incidents, but by now we know somewhere deep in our hearts that change is another world’s dream.


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After hashtags like #unnao, #kathua started to trend on social media, the news spread to a little extent. But even before national media started giving it extensive coverage, international media picked it up.

Beyond and away from the social media, many women are losing their will to live with every passing minute. In our country, women are believed to be the equivalent and archetype of a ‘Goddess’ or ‘Devi’. Ironically, they are now being raped, tortured and killed within the four walls of a ‘Devasthan’ (inside a temple)!


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The roots of such crimes are deep and over the years these mortal sins have emerged as the most powerful idea of evil. It keeps changing its form! Sometimes the stories of barbarism on women get the wind, the other time, they only die a solitary death. Even if change looks and feels like a hypothetical state, it should and must blossom into reality anyway, rest is all hope!


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Two things – we read, we worry, we dismiss or we take action today. Talks, discussions or even pressurizing the governments to come up with strict rules haven’t helped so far. So what can we do next? Where do we go? Who is answerable? The questions are too many but certainly, we do not have an answer today.

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