Kate And William Posing At The Taj Mahal Evokes Memories Of Diana In 1992

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10:09 am 17 Apr, 2016

The royal couple, Prince Williams and wife Kate Middleton’s much awaited Taj Mahal visit finally took place on April 16, 2016 and the duo didn’t disappoint and recreated the famed Princess Diana photo pose at Taj Mahal.


Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair  Princes Diana during her visit in 1992 (L) Will and Kate at Taj in 2016 (R)

Many have been eagerly waiting for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to head to Taj Mahal, so as to compare the visit to Princes Diana’s famous visit from 1992.



Duke and Duchess at Taj Mahal Getty

Many had been even been calling this visit the Duchess most demanding sartorial test as she would definitely would have been compared to Diana when she visited over a decade ago.

But anticipating the comparison, Kate gamely and diplomatically rose to the challenge and played it safe by avoiding vibrant colors and instead donning a pretty azure blue and white embroidered dress by the American-Indian designer Naeem Khan.



Kate in American-Indian Designer Naeem Khan’s Dress Getty

The Princes of Wales back in 1992 had deftly adorned bright block colours so as to stand out in against the clean backdrop.


Many were anticipating Kate to do same, but the Duchess instead picked a white based dress which arguably left her a little lost in the picture and didn’t draw any focus at her at all.


While many called it a fashion dullness, some speculate it perhaps shrewd and intelligent thinking, so as not do draw any comparison between the two at all.



Reacting to the fact that the Duchess choose to wear his design at the Taj, Khan said:

“This is my happiest morning. My son got married last night and The Duchess of Cambridge wears Naeem Khan in India. I am in Heaven.”


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