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TOI Is Being Criticized For The Wrong Reasons As Kate Middleton Gets Undeserved Attention

Published on 13 April, 2016 at 4:45 pm By

As I gently dragged the rubber band out of the rolled ‘Times Of India’ newspaper, my weary eyes stuck upon this perfectly photographed windy image with a ingenious headline: KATE’S MARILYN MOMENT AT INDIA GATE. 


For a moment, a trivial thought lapped me – The front page of TOI has been adulterated by the profanity of the editor’s mind.

After a while, when my maturity gradually opened its eyes too, I realized that it is just good humor. Nothing to be criticized or over-analysed because our country has many severe issues in hand that need our attention.


But sometime later, the front page of TOI got stored in everybody’s memory and the peacefully resting soul of Marilyn Monroe got a wake-up call. The virality of Tweets being faster than 4G, intolerant India didn’t waste a second to curse TOI and destroy their leftover respect by labeling them ‘sexist’.

Yeah, we love giving tags and probably Facebook inspired all the socially active worms.

By afternoon, every media house, without analyzing the essence of this episode, raised the flag of hatred against journalism.



TOI had a ‘Black Tuesday’ moment. All  the media houses got a golden chance to expand their reach by immediately writing an article cursing the newspaper.

Job done. News viral. Boss happy.


Now, for a second, take a deep breath, mollify the anger and let’s escape ‘what they photographed’ and ‘how we reacted’ story. Focus on the simplicity of these core questions.

Does TOI really deserve the ‘sexist’ tag?

What do you really know about Prince Willams And Kate Middleton?

Why are we giving them so much importance?

Firstly, calling TOI ‘tharki‘ because they compared Kate Middleton to Marliyn Monroe while she was paying respect to the soldiers who laid down their lives for the country’s honor makes no sense.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend the India Gate in Delhi to honour soldiers from WW I, by laying a wreath. Featuring: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge Where: Delhi, India When: 11 Apr 2016 Credit:


TOI disrespected nobody and they admiringly equated one of the Kate’s anxious moment during the ceremony with that of Marilyn’s signature move. It is just pure humor. Entertainment.

What’s the big deal? Can we just have a laugh about it?

Secondly, who is Kate Middleton?

She is the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William.

What else do you know about her beyond this line?

No answer. Right?

So, why yesterday were you sympathizing with her and criticizing TOI as if she is your girlfriend?

Is Kate Middleton so powerful to consume our nation’s attention?

Well, talking about her royalty, she holds no major powers in Britain or anywhere. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.



She is real queen.

Why no royal tour is complete without Bollywood?

In the below picture, we see the legends like Rishi Kapoor and Shah Rukh waiting to be greeted by Kate and Prince. It’s a dinner party, they could have happily dined together and talked.

I understand that this is out of respect but respect is valued where it is needed. Being ‘lined-up’ like school kids portrays that we still consider them superior in our own country.

Bollywood Stars Join Kate Middleton and Prince William


To know really know how Great Britain treated India, read the Shashi Tharoor’s Speech.

Also, when the royalty entered India, we forgot about our miseries.  Recently, a fire incident took place at the 500-year-old Devi Temple at Puttingal of Paravur municipality in Kollam and took more than 113 lives.


But do we really care? Sorry, Kate’s here.

If an irrelevant story can empower our breaking news, then our media is certainly going in the wrong direction.

Why so much importance then?

Because we are obsessed with white people. White is so shining that it has blinded our country’s media. Historically, fairness has been an indicator of social status across many societies here.

Few months back, India-African summit was held in New Delhi from 26-30 October 2015. The 5 day summit was the largest-ever turnout of African leaders in India but this beautiful image never reached TOI’s front page.

Because they were all black.


Color should not become a source for giving importance to someone and sadly, the way our media is progressing, the day is not far when news will become just another source of entertainment.

Media’s dark days coming soon.




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