This Kashmiri Teacher Cleans His School So As To Keep His Students Safe From Diseases

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3:33 pm 27 Mar, 2016


Zubair Khan, a teacher by profession, comes early in the morning and cleans the school in which he is teaching his students. This is what makes him an extra- ordinary teacher.

The peon comes only once a week to the clean the mess but Khan does the job of cleaning the mess of school premises  after the school hours.

He is doing this so that his students should not get infected by the diseases which will lead to their absence from the school.

By cleaning the school premises  he wants to give the  impression to his students that no work is derogatory.


Zubair Khan with his students. kashmirlife

Khan, who hails from South Kashmir’s Kokernag, said that his act is appreciated by his students and they also happily participate in it. It helps them to create a sense of belonging for their school.

He also often takes his students to a barber for hair-cutting besides taking them for a bath. Since most of these students are so poor that they cannot afford these basic things. He spends happily from his salary for these poor students.


Khan believes that students have expectations from their teachers which perhaps they can’t event expect from their parents. He said that as a teacher, they should respect it.

Recalling his days of childhood, he said after his father’s death, his mother took the responsibility of his upbringing on her shoulders. She made him a good human being and a dedicated teacher.

He is teaching in  Government Middle School at Vayilo Kokernag in  South Kashmir.  His village is backward  and mostly poor students study in his school . There are only five teachers while the number of students is 85.

Khan doesn’t stick to the traditional methods of teaching. In fact, he hates the way of teaching which makes the students sleepy.


Zubair cleaning the school premises. kashmirlife 

However, he feels there are countless unsung teachers who are silently serving the society to the best of their abilities. He said that they have their plans, their own roadmaps. They are grooming students to the best of their abilities.