Kashmiri Students Allegedly Beaten At Jodhpur College Over NIT-Srinagar Row

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5:27 pm 9 Apr, 2016


The students at NIT-Srinagar are continuing their struggle for the ninth consecutive day against harassment at the hands of the administration and the police action on the students.

Despite what happened on the night of March 31 and the morning of April 1, students at the NIT-Srinagar urged everyone not to harm any Kashmiri student studying anywhere in India.

But that appeal appears to have fallen on deaf ears.


A report says that Kashmiri students in Jodhpur’s Vyas Dental College were assaulted by a group in retaliation of the NIT incident.

According to the report, around 30 armed people attacked the Kashmiri students during the annual cultural event of the college.


“Local students and outsiders, who had their face covered, chanted ‘Pakistan Murdabad’ slogans and looked for Kashmiri students at the function. They beat up every Kashmiri they found,” one of the students told the reporters.

The police confirmed that the students were attacked and said that the culprits have been identified. He added that action will be taken on the assaulters.


But the institute’s director said that no one was assaulted. He admitted that some people had raised pro-India slogans at the campus but that was all.

Sheikh Saaliq, a multimedia content producer at Hindustan Times, who was one of the reporters of the incident, posted photographs of students who were allegedly beaten.


(The photos in this article.)


He claimed in his post that the Kashmiri students have been told that “they will be killed”.

He also posted a video of the incident in which some people are see waving the tricolour and chanting pro-India slogans.


#InqlabJindabad a great support from students in the favour of #NITSrinagar’s student who have been threaten from kashmiri police

Posted by Mohit Joshi on Thursday, 7 April 2016