When Muslims Helped With The Funeral Ceremony Of A Kashmiri Pandit Woman

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12:51 pm 20 May, 2016


Despite the political tribulations, Hindu-Muslim unity in Kashmir Valley appears to be intact. Or so it seems.

An elderly Kashmiri Pandit woman died in Barbar Shah area of Srinagar on Wednesday.

In a touching display of brotherhood, Muslims of the area helped the family of the woman carry out her last rites in a proper Hindu ceremony.

The woman Rupa Shori was 89. She was the wife of Dr Triloki Nath Ganjoo. When nearly every Pandit fled the Valley at the height of militancy in the 1990s, Ganjoo and his wife decided to stay back between their Muslim friends.



While her distraught husband was lamenting the loss of his beloved wife of many years, the Muslim neighbours stepped in to console him and help make necessary arrangements for Shori’s last rites.

According to the local media, the Muslims brought the wood for the funeral and helped the family perform the last rites.

The local media reports that Dr Ganjoo had the means to leave and not bother about the same, yet he
“never felt insecure” in the Valley.

“My wife had many Muslim women friends and loved this place,” he told Kashmir Life.


Locals said that Shori was one of their own and her death was like losing a dear family member.


But some Facebook users claimed that the local media was not reporting the truth. They claimed that the media misrepresented facts by saying that Muslims carried out the last rites.


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