Kashmiri Man Attempts Daredevil Stunt At A Railway Track As Train Goes Over Him

5:19 pm 24 Jan, 2018

Amidst thousands of videos which get circulated on the internet every day, there is one spine-chilling video that has again caught the audience’s attention. Factors like the thrill, adventure, and fun have always remained at the forefront of the video making process and this time too a man has tried to test his limits while he shot a lethal video.


YouTube Screenshot.

Yeah, you read that right! The stunt performed in this video could have almost taken his life. Here we would not at all like to applaud his daredevil spirit because such a stunt can be deadly in most of the cases.

In an attempt to create sensationalism on social media through his video, a Kashmiri man can be seen lying down on the rail track and lets a speeding train pass over him. He puts his mobile camera on and as the train passes over him, the video gets shot. After the stunt is over, the man can be seen celebrating in a joyous mood.


YouTube Screenshot.

There is one important fact to be noticed in the story that the stunt was completely death-defying!


YouTube Screenshot.

The video was recorded by an accomplice, who supported this man’s daredevilry to perform such a stunt. The video is now being circulated on the internet and in fact former Jammu and Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah has also seen it. Abdullah recently tweeted about the video saying, “There is something drastically wrong with this sort of adventure seeking. I can’t believe the stupidity of these young men.”

Such stunts can easily take a person’s life and if by any chance he survives, can leave him impaired forever. We strictly appeal to our readers not to attempt any such activity even if it is only for fun. This is sheer madness, do not get swayed by it!