This Girl Is The Youngest 26/11 Survivor And One Of Those Who Testified Against Ajmal Kasab

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5:02 pm 26 Nov, 2017


The date 26/11 has become a black day in the Indian history. On this day, 10 terrorists attacked Mumbai and important landmarks such as the Taj Mahal hotel. On the very same day Mohammed Ajmal Kasab killed many of the total 166 people at CST Terminus in Mumbai.


Although the gunman, Kasab, was captured alive, the Police did not seem to have any witnesses who could recognize this horrible man in court. Until, this girl came forward. Devika Rotawan, then aged 9, was shot in the leg by Kasab and fell unconscious on the ground.



A young Devika Rotawan, who was shot in the leg by Kasab. India TV

Now, 18 years old, Rotawan still remembers the horrific night and the devil vividly. She was the youngest survivor who witnessed the entire ordeal and was able to recognize Kasab in the court.


The Police prepared a charge sheet against Kasab and recorded Rotawan’s statement on June 10 2012. Two months later, Kasab was hanged.

Rotawan recalled that on the fateful day, she was waiting on the platform to board the train for Pune with her brother and father. Suddenly, she heard gunshots being fired and people running around haphazardly. One stray bullet hit her leg and she fell unconscious on the ground. She also said that she saw Kasab firing and was able to instantly recognize him when the police asked her to do so.

Despite this, Rotawan said that people do not speak to her because she was a prime witness is the case. Her neighbors address her as “Kasab ki beti” or Kasab’s daughter and ostracize her. Her father has said that they used to receive threats. Even now when she visits her village, she has to stay in a hotel as people do not want to be associated with her.


Devika also mentioned that initially she had a lot of difficulty while studying but now she loved to study. Her aim is to become an IPS officer and tackle terrorism.


We wish her the best.