You Might Be Able To Enjoy Movies At Max Ticket Price Of Rs.120 In Karnataka

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7:42 pm 10 Mar, 2016


In what might come as good news to the movie goers in Karnataka, the state government is mulling to limit the maximum price of the ticket.

At present, a movie costs Rs.200 and above in city like Bengaluru, with the average cost being between Rs.250 – Rs. 300.



The government is now contemplating to restrict the multiplex price to Rs.120.


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The state currently has one of the highest ticket prices in the country and can cost an family exorbitant amount just to visit a movie theatre over the weekend.

The reason for the Karnataka state government to consider putting a cap on the price of a movie ticket came due to a movement led by a Kannada film director and producer Dayal Padmanabha.

Padmanabha, started a petition on along with the Kannada film chamber, and has written a letter to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah seeking his intervention.


A snapshot of the petition by Dayal Padmanabhan.


In his letter to the CM he requested to “cut the rate of admission and increase the rate of occupancy.” He further added that the move will help “all the movies” and not just the Kannada one.

The decision on the matter is expected to be taken during state budget, which currently is tentatively scheduled for March 18.


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At present current occupancy rate of multiplexes in the city ranges between 38 per cent and 50 per cent.