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What This Karnataka Man Did To Fulfill The Last Wish Of His Deceased Wife Will Make You Emotional

Published on 17 April, 2018 at 1:11 pm By

We all have witnessed the love of Emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal in the form of ‘Taj Mahal’ that he built to his true love after her death. We thought there is no monument as pious a symbol of love as The Taj Mahal in Agra.



In another story of ‘true love,’ a man in Yelandur, Karmataka has built a temple in his village to fulfill the last dying wish of his wife.

The temple named ‘Temple of Rajamma’ was built in Krishnapura village of Yelandur district by Raju alias Rajuswamy in 2006.


It was a labour of love to build a temple in his village as it was his wife’s ardent desire. The temple was completed after Raju installed an idol of his wife inside the premise and worshiped her along with the other deities.

He sculpted his wife Rajamma’s idol and then stood it with the other four idols of the gods – Shanishwaram Navagraha, Lord Shiva and Siddappaji.


According to Raju, the temple has a long story to tell. Evidently, a farmer by profession, Raju has 3 acres of farmland in the village and he got married to his sister’s younger daughter. Even if his parents were against the marriage, they got married after the consent of Rajamma’s parents. Rajamma revealed that she wanted Raju to build a temple in the village, so he started working on the temple. While the construction was in progress, Rajamma passed away and Raju decided to put her idol in the sanctum sanctorum.



It took around two years to build the temple and ever since after the completion of the temple Raju has been worshipping his wife along with the other gods in the temple for more than a decade.


While according to Raju, his wife possessed some psychic abilities and could tell the future, he said that there love was divine to be protected in within the holy walls of the temple.

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