‘Karma Is A B*tch’, These EPIC Karmas Prove Just That

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6:00 pm 2 Nov, 2015


It’s a very old saying that ‘karma is a bitch’. You may not understand that whatever is happening around you or within your life are nothing but your own karma.

It is an old belief that whatever you do, at the end you have to pay for your deed


Good or bad everything is your karma


Karma is a belief that the effects of your actions will determine your destiny


Your deeds will haunt you, either now or years later


But it surely will catch you – reward you or punish you accordingly



You may learn this in a fraction of seconds


Because what goes around, comes around


You may sometimes wonder why is this happening to you


But the answer to this question is hidden within


So, next time, do think twice before doing anything because whatever you do today will surely come back to you tomorrow or the very next second!