Kargil Veteran And Wife Dodge Bullets and Bravely Fight Off Dacoits

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6:46 pm 13 Oct, 2015

Taking a page from her husband’s book, the wife of a Kargil veteran spelled doom for a gang of dacoits in Deoraniya Jagir village in Nawabgunj tehsil after the gang struck her house.

The gang leader of this group was later  caught by the veteran soldier and his wife who braved bullets in a brutal fight.


The gang leader was then beaten to death by an angry mob of neighbors and it was later found that the dead dacoit was Kehar Pal, a notorious criminal who was wanted in more than 21 cases in the region.

According to police reports, the gang of dacoits struck retired army man Ram Autar’s house late Saturday night. At that time Autar and his wife Natho Devi were sleeping but woke up on hearing a noise near their cattle shed. They then saw the gang burst into their house and took them head on.

50-year-old Ram Autar is currently employed as asecurity guard at the State Bank of India branch at Pilibhit and when the gang pointed his gun at him and his wife, the duo remained unfazed and pounced on their assailants.


In the tussle, the decoits shot at the ex-soldier and barely missed, with the bullet passing Autar’s ear but he continued his assault on the intruders.

Meanwhile, his wife as Natho Devi continued to grapple with the dacoit even when the latter hit her husband over the head with the butt of his pistol and then went on to assault Natho. In defense, Natho hit the dacoit in the groin and brought him down, after which the couple raised the alarm.

What is more, while the couple was wrestling with the gang’s leader, his three associates continued to fire at the couple who were unarmed. But once the couple raised the alarm, the other three fled the spot. On hearing the alarm the neighbors rushed to the house and beat the dacoit unconscious.

By the time the police arrived at the spot and took the injured dacoit to the hospital, he had lost too much blood and was declared dead.

The dacoit Kehar Pal, 40, was a notorious criminal and was out on bail.

Talking about the couple’s bravery, Police said:

“The courage of the couple is praiseworthy as they dared to take on a person whose name spelt terror in the area. Perhaps Ram Autar’s training in the Army, from where he retired as a havildar after taking part in the Kargil war, came in handy at this crucial moment. We have registered a case under Section 3/25 against the dead dacoit and his associates.”


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