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Watch Ranbir Kapoor Rant About Having Nothing To Wear To Kareena And Raj Kapoor

Published on 4 August, 2016 at 7:40 pm By

We have always imagined Kareena Kapoor throwing tantrums at home. It is not hard to imagine how she used to fight with her sister for a pair of jeans!

But you couldn’t expect Ranbir Kapoor doing the same.


Even Kareena was like, WHATDA?

It was Raj Kapoor’s birthday and like a typical grand-father he asked his grandson to go and change into new clothes. But this boy had a fabulous excuse.

He announced loud and clear to both his grandfather and his cousin Kareena how he’s got nothing wear at all.

Watch it for yourself.

Guess Ranbir has always been one lazy boy!



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